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Vox Pastoris Policies: Admission

  • Because the atrium experience prepares children to participate in the liturgical life of the Catholic Church, children from practicing Catholic families have priority to register for spaces in the atrium. 
  • Due to the limited number of certified catechists, we anticipate that demand for spaces in the atrium may exceed the number available.  In such cases, we will follow the admission priorities outlined and in the order set forth below.

1.      Children of catechists and assistants

2.      Children previously enrolled in the atrium

3.      Siblings of children previously enrolled in the atrium

4.      Any other children in order of application

  • The registration deadline will be August 31 each year. 
  • If a registration deadline falls on a Sunday, the deadline shall be the following Monday. 
  • Registration will be considered complete when a completed and signed registration form is received, accompanied by either a donation in the minimum amount requested per child or a written statement indicating that the family cannot afford to donate the requested amount before the registration deadline.
  • Children may enroll in the atrium after sessions have begun at the discretion of the Catechist Team if there is space. 
  • Children who have not attended Level I may be admitted to Level II and/or Level III at the discretion of the Catechist Team if there is space. 
  • Participation in the atrium during a preceding year does not guarantee admission for the subsequent year.  Parents will need to re-register every year. 
  • Children with poor attendance during a preceding year, regardless of priority group, will not be eligible for advance registration. 

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