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Vox Pastoris Policies: Catechists and Assistants


Catechists and Assistants must:

  • Sign and adhere to the Vox Pastoris statement of fidelity to the Catholic Church. 
  • Fulfill requirements of the Diocese of Orange for individuals working with children. 

Catechists additionally must:

  • Participate in an approved Catechesis of the Good Shepherd catechist course. 


Catechists and Assistants commit to:

  • Attendance at all atrium sessions.  Catechists and assistants should provide a minimum one-week notice for scheduled absences so that a substitute can be arranged.  In case of illness or emergency, catechists and assistants should contact the catechist coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Dressing modestly out of respect for the atrium environment.
  • Nurturing their own spiritual lives so that they can be ready to listen to God with the children.

Catechists additionally commit to:

  • Ongoing formation, planning, and reflection as part of the Vox Pastoris catechist team. 

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