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Vox Pastoris Policies: Parent Contributions

We at Vox Pastoris understand our mission as a labor of love and strive to make this wonderful religious formation available to as many families as possible.  All of the catechists, officers, and board members are volunteers, but there are significant costs associated with setting up and maintaining the atrium.  We must therefore request a monetary donation for each child, as well as request volunteer time from parents as outlined below.  However, we believe that no child should be denied this opportunity due to financial hardship, and we will work with parents in such cases.  

Monetary Donation

  • A minimum donation of $100 per child is requested in order to support the operation of the atrium.  The requested amount is based on the budgeted expenses and anticipated number of participants in the atrium.  The requested donation to Vox Pastoris is not a fee or charge for a service.  Additional financial contributions will be gladly accepted, which will serve to grow the atrium and support those who cannot afford to make the minimum requested donation.  All donations to Vox Pastoris are tax deductible
  • The donation is requested upon registration.  
  • Donation checks will not be deposited until after the final registration deadline.  Before that date, donors may request that their donation be returned.  After that date, donations shall be deposited and cannot be refunded.
  • Parents who cannot afford to make the minimum requested donation before the final registration deadline should contact the Vox Pastoris administration to discuss alternative donation options.  Such options may include scheduled donations throughout the year or a partial subsidy of the requested donation through donations from others.  
  • Catechists and assistants whose children attend the atrium are expected to make the minimum requested donation per child

Other Contributions

In addition to monetary donations, parents are encouraged to contribute to the success of the atrium in other ways.  These include:

  • Making new materials as needed
  • Babysitting small children of catechists and assistants during the atrium session
  • Occasionally serving as an assistant in the atrium
  • Bringing fresh flowers to the atrium

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